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A property management system (PMS) can sometimes refer to an online program or software designed for residential or commercial property management. However, more often it refers to software used in the hospitality industry to manage the day to day requirements of running a hotel or resort. Some property management software can integrate with hospitality applications already running such as revenue and yield management programs, front/back office systems and point of sale systems, while other property management systems offer complete solutions by including all of these functions in their package.

Property management systems are utilized by hotels of all sizes, resorts, casinos, and even conference centres and multi-property organizations. They can be based online with an application service provider (ASP), or hosted internally on the current computer systems of the business. Property management systems can be used to manage single or multiple properties, and basic functions might include features like these: guest check-in and check-out, guest profiles, tracking services, report generation, auditing, front and back office services, and security systems. Additional features are generally highly customized and can include amenities like restaurant or spa scheduling, housekeeping schedules, and gift card management.

Integrated to help lower costs, increase revenues, and provide better services to the customer, property management systems are a popular resource for hospitality companies. Often chosen by the number of units managed, number of locations, and number of employees forecasted to use it,1 property management systems can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for internally hosted systems, or between a $50-$300 monthly charge for systems hosted online. 2The hospitality industry benefits from a wide array of property management systems today; with the range of features and integrations to choose from, there is a program that can be tailored to the specific needs of every company.


  1. Cost Effective Solutions: Web based hotel software is not very expensive and can fit into any budget. Most property management system vendors offer multiple rate cards to further attract the hotel owners. You may be running a small hotel and may have a shoestring budget for a PMS yet you will be able to acquire hotel management software easily.
  2. User-Friendly Graphical Interface: A property management system is easy to use. All the features of the application are visible on the graphical interface and you can easily locate them without much difficulty. The graphical interface also makes it easy to place reminders on the home screen and not forget about them.
  3. Multiple Module Modes: Modules enhances the features of web based hotel software. With the help of these modules you can work on any department of the hotel. Being specially designed keeping in mind the special workstations of a hotel, these modules have interactive UI that is easy to use.
  4. Web Based System:Hotel Management System Software Development are web based and that opens a plethora of functionalities for a hotel. Getting new guests into the hotel is no longer difficult. From the guests’ point of view too it isn’t difficult to book rooms with the help of the web based system.
  5. Multi Language and Multi Currency Support: Most property management systems are designed such that they can be operated in any part of the world. They can work on many currencies and languages and thus widens the ambit of its usage.

Property management system features include

  • Multiple fully customizable dashboards
  • Calendar to manage availability, bookings, rates and rooms
  • Automated messaging and template emails
  • Export bookings, import bookings or enter manually
  • Quick check in and checkout function
  • Housekeeping component for the dashboard
  • Add extra´s to bookings
  • Invoicing and taxes
  • Flexible rate and discount options
  • Payment processing
  • Group booking function
  • Split and slice functions to separate bookings by date or room
  • Guest profiles and guest database
  • Yield optimizer to automatically adjust prices by rules
  • Fully customizable guest registration form
  • Auto Actions to automatically amend bookings
  • Wide range of standard reports or custom reports
  • Flag bookings
  • Diary and notes function
  • Sell rooms in different layouts or constellations
  • Synchronise calendars
  • Fully integrated with Online Booking system and Channel Manager
  • Mobile optimized for tablets
  • Multiple users with full access for limited roles
  • Api to integrate with external systems
  • Secured with SSL technology and regular backups
  • Any where from and device. No software installation

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