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Restaurant ERP Software

We understand that running a Restaurant is not just about order taking and billing but also about efficient and smart management of purchasing, Materials management, Food cost analysis, generating Customer loyalty and much more.

A total integrated ERP for food and beverage product retailing. The suite of solution comprises of integrated functionalities of Retail Store Operations, Point of Sales, Sales & Distribution and Kitchen Process(recipe management) for food court, café, bar, ice cream parlor, Quick service(QSR) It can integrate all business organization or departments like Payroll, Accounts & Finance, CRM and e-Commerce with all the above departments or business units.

However, dealing with rare inventories, perishable stocks and elite groups of customers, and managing multiple outlets to ensure best.

Franchising is a rapid way to grow any business, especially a restaurant, but a lot of things like maintaining the same taste and branding throughout is important. Also, different regions might have different competitors, knowledge about the same along with the data of sales and how well the company is doing, needs to be maintained in a common place.

Restaurant Software

Fine Dining Restaurant
Food Court
Sweets Shop
Quick Service Restaurant
Take Away Counter
Night Club
Bakery Counter
Home Delivery Service
Confectionary Outlet

Key benefits of ERP for Restaurant

  • POS integration for precise finance management.
  • Manage purchase orders and inventory control.
  • Stay upright to compliances and safety regulations.
  • Efficiently manage general ledger, assets, finances etc.
  • Easy to use staff management.
  • SCM for a timely Home delivery.

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